It Takes a Village. Social Marketing Can Build One.

“Small, local businesses are often seen as the patchwork of a community. So when those businesses are forced to close their brick-and-mortar doors and pivot to an online model, putting customers first and delighting them requires that much more creativity. But in the process of doing so, many of these small businesses have seen something interesting happens: They’re actually building a following on social media and seeing an outpouring of support from customers and community on these different platforms.

But why is this happening? Simple: They’re finding new, delightful ways to merge their offline products and services with online offerings, and using social media to amplify it — whether from their own accounts, or their customers’.

To find get a taste of what some of these offerings are like and how it’s leading to an outpouring of support on social media for these small businesses, we spent a week trying out a handful of them in our own community. Here’s what happened, and what your business can learn from what these small businesses are doing online and off to delight customers.”