It’s Time To Address Mobile SEO

Mobile advertising I think this goes without saying at this point, but marketers and SEO have to stop being lazy and start getting with the times.  Mobile has been around for quite a while now,  and a number of websites still have yet to take advantage of it.  This is especially important if the business in question is a local one.  Having a mobile friendly site can be a wonderful help to your business, especially if people are out and about looking for services you can provide to them.

As an example, it was reported by Walmart that 70 percent of the traffic that they received during Thanksgiving weekend was from mobile devices, and Target reported that 60 percent of the traffic that came to them over the holiday was from mobile.

I know I’ve been making out that the only places that would receive the most benefit from mobile-friendly websites would be retail e-commerce sites or local stores.  But these particular types of businesses aren’t the only types out there that can advantage of mobile.  If your organization is B2C, B2B, non-profit or other, you can certainly take advantage of mobile.

In a post that can be found on Search Engine Land, and written by , you’ll find that Janet explains how you can evaluate your mobile performance in organic search, so you are able to make the case for invest in mobile.  This is a very important step for your business, especially if  you want to really take off in the mobile space of online marketing.  After all, it’s gotten to be quite a big deal over the last several years.  Best take advantage of it now, if you haven’t done so already.

Search Engine Land: Stop Procrastinating: It’s Time To Address Mobile SEO