jivox-logo-1920There has been an announcement made by Jivox, a dynamic digital ad production, target and serving platform, that a partnership with Taggstar has been made between the two companies to enable e-commerce advertisers to target and deliver personalized ads with “social prove” messaging in real time.

The idea behind Tagstar’s Social Proof Engine is to pull in real-time data about product popularity and other  trends that are derived from users’ browsing history.  The data that does get pulled ends up being used in personalized dynamic ads that are created and served through the Jivox IQ Dynamic Ad Platform.

Another fun feature of Social proof messaging includes the number of people viewing an item, product reviews and ratings, top-trending items and product scarcity.


Marjorie Leonidas, managing director, Taggstar said:

“Whereas people might ask for friends’ opinions when they are shopping in-store, online shopping is a solitary experience. Social proof can provide online shoppers with a virtual ‘thumbs up’ that what they’re thinking of buying is the right decision.  Through our partnership with Jivox, online retailers can now increase sales conversions through super-targeted digital advertising. And even when consumers have left a site, or never even visited that site, we can drive traffic to specific products that we know these shoppers will like.”

Not only can Jivox dabble in past browsing behavior, the company is also able to harness geographic or behavioral variables.  These variables include:

  • Time of day
  • Weather
  • Season
  • Price bracket
  • Demographics

With these behavioral variables in place, Jivox can deliver an ad recommending similar or relevant items to drive first-time visits to retailer sites.

It seems that Jivox is a good thing to incorporate in your online store, as UK online retailer Shop Direct said that they say a 2.7 percent lift in conversion rates once they added social proof messaging to dynamic ads served through Jivox.

“Large global retailers rely on Jivox’s data-driven ad platform to deliver their most demanding personalized ad campaigns. Our partnership with Taggstar allows them to personalize these ads even further and ultimately drive more revenue from their online sales channels,” said Diaz Nesamoney, president and CEO, Jivox.


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