John Logie Baird Google Doodle Marks TV’s 90th Anniversary

90th anniversary of the first demonstration of television 800x320Today, Google’s logo has transformed into another unique image to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first demonstration of a television, which, if you click on it, leads you to a Google search for “who invented the mechanical television.”  The Google result that you land on includes the quick answer: John Logie Baird.

Here’s the low-down on the Scottish inventor – John Logie Baird demonstrated the first television system for the Royal Institution of Great Britain, as well as a reporter from The Times of London on January 26, 1926.  At the time, his invention was not known as a television, but a “televisor,” and with it, Baird was able to transmit images of a person working a ventriloquist doll.

The funny ting about history is that you’ll never know what will become a major hit or miss.  Some inventions eventually become mainstream across the world, while others never see the light of day outside any tech demonstration.  According to BairdTelevision.com, two days after Baird demonstrated his creation, The Times reported on the event by saying, “It has yet to be seen to what extent further developments will carry Mr. Baird’s system towards practical use.”  In the case of of the “televisor,” we know what became of his invention.

The Google Doodle of John Logie Baird is being displayed on the search engine’s US home page, along with a number of other international home pages.  Along with the doodle, there is a link to share the image on social networks and email.

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