John Mueller Talks About Brand Mentions

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What is brand mention? Brand mentions are references to a company, brand or service online. These mentions often happen in product or service reviews, blog posts, educational content and news articles. Brand mentions can directly affect the online reputation of a brand or product. One of the most important benefits of brand mentions is the bolstering of your brand’s online reputation of your brand.

But what does Google’s John Mueller think of brand mentions?

When asked if brand mentions helped with SEO and rankings, John Mueller explained how brand mentions are not anything used at Google.

So does that mean that brand mentions are useless? Just because they may not necessarily be used at Google as some ranking factor, he still finds that may be useful for helping to get the word out about a site, which is about building popularity.

Check out the Search Engine Journal post where John Mueller explains Google’s position on using brand mentions for ranking purposes.

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