karissa_destroyer_quad-800x447Marketing stunts, if done right, can be fun to check out and watch.  If a marketing team can pull of their stunt, they can get people to believe something that isn’t true.  Then afterwards, they will come forward and admit their ruse.  This is when people will realize the joke and begin talking about the object of the marketing ploy.  In this situation, it involves a ten year old girl who is a gaming prodigy…well, not really.

GameStop set up a stunt earlier this month with The Marketing Arm/TMA Entertainment in a California store which showed the ten year old Karissa (known as #KarissaTheDestroyer) against some of the best gamers in the area.  In the end, and the amazement of onlookers and players alike, Karissa took down each and every gamer that took her on.

 It was confirmed to be a stunt last Friday, and was shown to be a campaign video revealed that the fact that Liquid’KDJ, a pro gamer, was actually behind the controls.  In the end, the reveal video is creeping up to 750,000 views.

Before the stunt was revealed to be just that, Karissa’s skills at the controller where called into question.

“Some have taken to Reddit and Smash Boards to express their disbelief of her skills, saying that she may be some bizarre form of guerilla marketing. Commenters have noted that she takes her hand off the controller for a moment and yet her character keeps attacking. Others have pointed out that maybe the attack animation has already begun so there’s no reason to cry foul. The fact that she is also a small time actress has also pushed towards the “It’s all a stunt” theory.”

As we already know at this point, it was a stunt, and it was entertaining to see how it had people thinking Karissa was truly an epic gamer.  Even Karissa herself is happy on her performance.

The entire stunt was MCed by Apex D1, a Smash Bros. gamer, and kicked it all off with the following tweet:

Apex wasn’t totally in on the actual stunt, but even so, he got some heat from those who weren’t big fans of the stunt after finding out about the stunt.  This is what he tweeted in response:

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