google_adwordsIf you’re an avid AdWords user, there’s a good chance that you have managed to collect a large number of AdWords scripts along the way.  Unfortunately though, with all the scripts at your disposal, it can be hard to organize all of them.  Overall, it may be like a bookshelf that has books all over the place.

It’s possible that you have unfinished scripts written by people who aren’t with your business anymore.  There are probably scripts that have remained unnamed.  It can be a total mess if it gets out of control.

This is a problem for everybody who collects anything over time.  At first it doesn’t seem too bad, but after a few months, or a year or two, you begin realizing that that your collection has gotten pretty big as well as potentially problematic.  If you’re not careful and you don’t catch the problem early, that collection could turn into a monster and become unmanageable.

Imagine how much it would suck if one day a single script breaks in one of your 300+ accounts.  If unorganized, it could be impossible to find.  This is why you need to plan ahead for such a day.   can help in this situation by walking us through three techniques that can be used to help lower the long-term maintenance of scripts in your accounts.

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Search Engine Land: Keep Your AdWords Scripts Maintainable With These 3 Tips