How To Keep Leads From Getting Stuck In The Middle Of The Sales Funnel

FunnelAs SEOs, you put a lot of time, effort and money into generating leads for your campaigns.  The goal is to get as many legitimate customers to come to your site and ultimately convert.  But all to often, you find that most of the leads you pull in don’t ever convert.  Almost 80% of the leads you manage to reel in aren’t going all the way.  This can be a problem.  In a situation like this, there has to be a way to get more of those stuck in the Sales Funnel to be able to move on and make a conversion.

So, we know generating the leads is the easy part.  Getting the sale is where it gets a bit rough.  The longer you wait to get the leads to make a sale, the less likely the customer will actually make a conversion.  The key is to act as quickly as possible before the trail goes cold.

There is no way to ensure you can turn every lead into a purchase.  But, take heart in knowing there is a way to decrease the lead fizzle rate and increase the conversion rate of your leads.   will take you through some  methods on how you can increase the number of conversions based on the number leads you’re getting.

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