In this episode of Google for Work, Jimmy and Jenny share with us tips on how to keep track of tasks and daily to-dos. They guide us through some recently launched Calendar features that help us structure our time and remind us of relevant tasks to accomplish. As we can see in the demos, what is great is that these features are fully integrated with other Google Apps, such as Now, Keep and Inbox. It certainly has become harder to miss a deadline…

Jenny walks us through Reminders, which nicely surfaces on Google Calendar, along with Calendar Events. Unlike Events, Reminders only show up at the user level, and can be marked as done or postponed. This feature is fully integrated with mobile-devices, so a user can get a notification also on the go. You can equally create a Reminder from, from your web browser or via the mobile Google App!

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but now Calendar also allows you to keep track of your long-term personal or professional goals, and to set your time for more inspirational activities. The feature is called “Goals” and was created to cater for different resolutions: whether it’s reading more books, learning a new language or working out regularly, you can set up a Goal reminder to repeat several times a week; once set up, Calendar automatically works around your schedule to find slots for this goal. You will be able at all times to mark it as done or defer.

Finally, Jimmy let us know about a Chrome extension that helps him keep track of his daily to-dos. The extension is called Momentum and nicely integrates daily tasks with a customized dashboard into your Chrome browser. At each time you open a new tab on Chrome, you will get your to-dos displayed with an inspirational quote and picture. One thing to note is that if you want your to-do list integrated with Calendar, you’ll need to opt for the paid upgrade.