From Keywords to Concepts: The Smart SEO’s System for Themed Keyword Research

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Keyword-effectivness1With Google’s big updates having cemented themselves in the search engine, as well as in our strategies for SEO, it’s fact that in search marketing, keywords have been overtaken by concepts.  It seems that the individual keyword has gone the way of the dodo.

Or has it?

We know that Google has been withholding keyword referral data, and that must mean that keywords don’t matter anymore.  But, that’s not true.  It doesn’t matter what you type in the search box when you’re trying to find something.  Sure, Google’s algorithms will take complex search statements and try to find the results you are looking for.  What matters is that each time you type in a ‘concept’ into Google, you’re still typing in keywords.

Every single search you preform all starts with keywords that become concepts.  This is the point of the column written by Cyrus Shepard, and posted on the Moz Blog.  In this post, Cyrus points out that the trick is making those keywords become concepts.

To read Cyrus’ post on turning single keywords into themed concepts, follow the link provided below:
From Keywords to Concepts: The Smart SEO’s System For Themed Keyword Research

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