croDoing SEO can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re doing what you can to maximize your conversion rate.  SEO and CRO both aim to give users what they can in the most transparent and seamless way possible.  Is it possible to ramp up your efforts to maximize both your SEO as well as your CRO?  It’s not always easy, but it’s totally possible.

Unfortunately, it’s possible to use an SEO technique that could totally mess with your CRO efforts.  It could happen the other way around as well.  It can be difficult to make both SEO and CRO work in tandem.  Smriti Chawla wants to help you avoid these issues as best as possible, so she’s given us a list of techniques and tips that have the ability to boost both your SEO and CRO efforts.

You can read up on Smriti’s YouMoz blog post by following the link below.

YouMoz: Killing Two Birds with One Stone: 4 Tactics that Will Boost Both SEO and CRO