What Kind Of SEO World Do We Live In With (Not Provided)?

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Google-not-providedIs it possible?  Could it be that SEO is actually dead?  Keywords is a (or could you say IS the) key SEO tool for bringing potential customers to a site is starting to look pretty grim now that (not orovided) is rearing it’s ugly head.

For the people over at Moz, at first, their (not provided) traffic stuck out at over half of their total views for over a year.  But now, it seems that their (not provided) numbers have grown fairly substantially to 80%. With this sort of out look, there is a very important question that every person involved in SEO should ask.

With  the growing absence of usable keywords, thanks to (not provided), what is SEO?

With (not provided) looming over our heads like a deadly pit viper ready to strike, it seems that SEO isn’t going to last.  But, fortunately, SEO has grown and evolved since it was first born.  There’s more to SEO than just keywords.  There are several things that can be used in place of keywords.  You can call this a work around.  (Not provided) could someday seem irrelevant.

Ruth Burr wrote an article on Moz asking that same question as mentioned earlier, “What is SEO, now that everything is (not provided)?”  I certainly love the response she gives within the article, “The Internet isn’t going away, and neither is selling stuff.”

As long as these two things exist, and co-exist, SEO will never be dead and gone.

Check out Ruth’s article here, or you can click on the link below to check it out:

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