Bing Ads is in the process of rolling out customizable, color-coded labels globally over the next few weeks.

Labels can be applied at the campaign, ad group, ad and keyword levels to aid in account management and analysis, just like in AdWords.  Items can have up to 50 labels associated with it.

Bing Ads users are able to add and edit labels from a new labels menu that appears in the various levels in their accounts in the web interface  Not only that, new labels reports are available in the Dimensions tab.

It’s possible to port over labels used in AdWords to Bing Ads when importing campaigns from Google and can be managed with the Bing Ads API.

Label support is just one of the updates to Bing Ads Editor for Windows (version 11.13).  There is a Shared Library available for labels from which users can quickly apply labels to multiple campaigns or other entities.

Label support will make its appearance in the Mac version of Editor soon.

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