In an announcement from Bing Ads, users now have the ability to use Labels in Editor for Dynamic Search Ads, following the recent rollout of DSAs in October.

With labels, advertisers can organize information in a way that is easier for them to filter and create rules around.  It’s now possible to use methods such as labeling “Evergreen” vs “Sale” ads and creating rules to enable and pause them automatically based on Label names.  This will save time versus manual management.

Users can create Labels in the Shared Library as free-form text and then applied as needed.  There is a Labels column in Editor where advertisers are able to see which ones are tied to a given green line item.  They are color-coded for easier recognition.  Also, they can be added and removed in the Labels tab that appears at the bottom of the pane.

This feature complements the Dynamic Search Ads campaigns, which are also a time-saver for advertisers.  DSAs will automatically show ads based on if the search query is believed to be relevant, forgoing the normal method of the advertiser specifying the keywords they want ads to show for.

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