One of the problems that happens with online shops is the unavailability of products, which can be a huge problem for these businesses.  From a report prepared by Daniel Corsten and Thomas Gruen, we discover that the research conducted across seven different countries brings to light that every fifth product offered online is unavailable.  This means that not only did that online shop lose a chance to sell, but it it loses related to marketing investment that it probably won’t ever monetize.

The unavailability of a product can be divided into two categories for the customer:

  1. Exit the shop and find another shop which offers the same product, switch the sales channel (e.g., look for the product in a brick and mortar store) or simply change their mind and not buy if they were not sufficiently motivated to do it).
  2. Stay at the shop and wait until the product is available, look for a different product of the same brand which meets their expectations, or chooses a product of a different brand.

The point to any e-commerce site is to get their products sold.  In the Search Engine Land article, they take a look at the ways of dealing with product unavailability without harming the business, as well as how to turn product unavailability into sales.

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