google-placesFor a while now, especially in the light of the Google Pigeon update, the topic of content has taken more of a prominent stand these days.  A major topic of discussion that has been circulating around through the ranks of marketers with multiple locations lately is how to make their content more relevant and findable to local audiences.

This issue has been brought up to , and his answer is simply to look at your own workforce.  Think of it this way.  You can utilize the people who are working with/for you as an army of resource gathering for your business or brand.  These people are the eyes and ears of the company, and can help maximize the value local search and content.

If your brand just so happens to have multiple locations, it would make sense that the people working for your brand would understand the local cultural nuances that will let your content be more relevant to the local area your brand locations are in.

In a Search Engine Land article written by Adam, he will offer some great advice to these brands seeking to improve their local marketing efforts.  To find out more, you can check out the following link provided below to read up on Adam’s article and learn more on how you can improve local content sources for your local brand.

Search Engine Land: How To Leverage The Best Local Content Source For Multi-Location Brands