Is Link Building Obsolete Because of Content Marketing?

Link building icon Have you noticed by now how every SEO blog is stating that link building is dead? By this point, this news should be old news.  But didn’t your parents tell us as children to not believe everything your read?  Just because people claim it’s dead, whether they believe it themselves or not, doesn’t make it true.  Link building is still alive, and it’s still working.

Sure, creating content is great.  You never want to stop creating that.  How else will people remain interested in your site?  But to use pure content marketing just isn’t going to work.  But we’ve also got to retain the idea of building high quality links as a good thing.   feels the same way.  He’s even written a Marketing Land column about it, saying that he recognizes the value of links and the impact they have across the web.

In his column,Arnie explains that why he feels link building is still alive and well, and why it continues to be an important component of online marketing.  You can find his article below in the link.

Marketing  Land: With Content Marketing, Link Building Is Obsolete…Right?