In a recent study of hundreds of agencies and consultants in the SEO space, link building was reported to be the most challenging thing for most. Worse still, because so many struggled to do it well, a horrifically large percentage of agencies had either abandoned the practice entirely, or doubted that link building actually worked.

Well, anything that you do badly is not going to work very effectively. The value of links is not in their number, or just that they exist. The entire value of a link is in the reputation it indicates. Do the top quality and most independent sites in a topic link to your site, or only sites that link to anything that links back? Are your incoming links a sign of prestige, hard-won and something competitors are jealous of? Or are the just the links anyone could get for merely asking?

In this SEMrush webinar, we’ll talk broadly and deeply about the state of link building today, and discuss the most important issues that those who struggle with link building need to grasp.