linkedinWhen it comes to online job searching and resume sites, LinkedIn is where it’s at.  LinkedIn has become the leader in the job search space.  Just in the first quarter of this year, they’ve managed to pull in 275.9 million dollars.  That’s certainly nothing to laugh at, you know they’re doing something right.  To help continue their strangle hold on the advantage they have, LinkedIn has launched a new stand alone job app for the iPhone, and they’re calling it LinkedIn Job Search.

Normally, it would seem strange to try applying for a job via the internet, let alone an app (call me old fashioned that way), it’s pretty cool as well as convenient.  By using the app, users are able to search by job title, keyword or location.  To help zero in even further an a great job opportunity, users can then filter by proximity, as well as the most recent and relevant.

With LinkedIn’s app, you can search for additional filters, such as job function, industry and seniority.  If you found a job listing that you want, you can easily apply by tapping a finger.  Touch screen devices….you gotta love them.

Did you think that there wouldn’t be more?  Well there is!  There are other real-time notifications that are included within the app.

1.  You can see who has viewed your application
2.  There will be new job postings that match your saved searches

With the popularity that LinkedIn is having in the job search space, this app will only increase the usefulness of LinkedIn’s online presence.  To check out the app, you can head over to the iTunes Store to download it for free.