An Ads tab has been launched for company Pages on the LinkedIn platform. The Ads tab will list all Sponsored Content ads a company has run during the last six months, which is similar to Facebook’s Info & Ads tab for Pages.

The Ads tab is rolling out globally over the next few weeks, so may not be immediately available on all Company Pages.

With the new Ads tab, an added layer of transparency is brought to the platform. This move benefits both advertisers and LinkedIn users alike. Being able to offer more insight into advertising practices gives some security for those are using the platform on a regular basis. In the end, this should build more trust in LinkedIn as a platform, which should help attract more users, as well as eyes on ads.

“Increased transparency to both our customers and members is critical to creating this trusted environment,” writes LinkedIn group manager for product management Mindaou Gu.

According to Linked in, the Ads tab is the “first of many” planned updates that focuses on giving users more information about the ads that run on the platform.

SourceAmy Gesenhues