LinkedIn Introduces New Topic Prompts to Empower Creators in Amplifying Their App Presence

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In an effort to provide its users with comprehensive tools and insights, LinkedIn has begun to rollout creator analytics and tools, which aims to streamline content management within the app, making it easier for creators to oversee all aspects of their content.

LinkedIn has also introduced new topic and post prompts that were designed to assist creators in building a strong presence within the app, and will serve as valuable guidance that will help inspire and shape creator content.

The introduction of the ‘Analytics ad tools’ has been gradually implemented for users who have activated Creator Mode, which grants creators an overview of their content performance. This enables them to gauge the impact and reach of their posts and offers a suite of tools for creators, which allows users to optimize their content strategy and engagement.

According to the LinkedIn page, here is what you can do with Analytics and tools:

  • Evaluate your performance by assessing various metrics. This encompasses analyzing creator analytics, such as aggregated post data and audience insights. Additionally, delve into profile analytics to gather information about profile visitors and search visibility.
  • Modify the profit topics or hashtags showcased on your profile by selecting the “+Add topics” option and entering your preferred topics.
  • Explore the array of creator tools at your disposal to enhance your content creation experience.
  • Maintain control over your creator mode status and make any necessary adjustments.

If you want to access Analytics and tools, you need to first make sure you:

  1. Turn on creator mode
  2. Click on the Home icon
  3. Click on Analytics & Tools

With Analytics and tools active, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your content performance and access a range of tools through Analytics and Tools. These features provide a comprehensive overview of how your content has fared over time, along with the topics associated with your profile, which you can customize by adding new ones. Additionally, you’ll have access to a complete listing of all the creator elements at your disposal within the app.

Make sure to check out LinkedIn for more details!

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