LinkedIn Provides New insights into the Evolving Marketing Career Landscape (Infographic)

Throughout this pandemic, there has been no business or industry that hasn’t been impacted as a result of the COVID-19. Because we’ve already gotten a year and a half into this mess, there’s not doubt that we will feel the effects of it for a while to come.

Some of these changes have been small, while others have been much larger. As an example, one of the bigger issues that came from the pandemic is the ability to do more work from home. Of course, not every business can effectively operate from home, but even those that can’t have had to do perhaps a little more from home.

This is a focus of of the latest infographic by LinkedIn. The platform has provided an overview of major changes in the marketing sector, which would include the likes of top skills, locations and the like.

Check out LinkedIn’s full report here

LinkedIn marketing evolution infographic

Source – Social Media Today

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