LinkedIn Releases A New ‘Recharge Your Marketing’ Digital Magazine That Will Assist You In Your 2022 Approach

Since we are still in the start of 2022, you might want to consider reinvigorating your marketing approach as we continue deeper into the year.

LinkedIn has come out with a 48-page digital magazine that provides a lot of insight and tips into key trend, which you can use to shape your approach over the rest of the year. It includes expert interviews, engagement tips based on platform insight, tool tips, books to read, and more.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“With the adrenaline of the last two years starting to wear off, the chances are that you and your team find yourselves navigating a bigger and busier role. There are more demands and deliverables than ever before. Performance and agility still matter, but so too does purpose – and aligning brands and businesses with a post-pandemic world. There’s great opportunity out there and great responsibility to take on. It’s time to look up, see what’s ahead – and make sure you’re ready for it.”

You can download the magazine here.

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