New tools are coming out from LinkedIn in response to people trying to job hunt virtually because of COVID-19, including the job interview.

A test version of a new video introduction feature has been launched, as well as an AI-powered tool that gives feedback on peoples’ spoken word response.

Here’s some info about these tools:

Video Introductions

This feature is designed to improve peoples’ ability to make a positive first impression to hiring managers.

“We’ve found that 65 percent of people believe that the impression you make online is just as important as the one you make in person, but it can be challenging to show your soft skills to potential employers when you’re not in the same room.”

The video introductions feature lets hiring manager to request an introduction as part of the hiring process.

The candidate then will be able to respond either by recording an introduction or providing written copy.

“A carefully crafted response can help you stand out before the official interview process even begins,” the company notes.

AI-Powered Feeback

LinkedIn is bringing AI-powered instant feedback to the interview preparation toolset. This feature helps candidates prepare for common screening questions.

“When it comes to the interview, more than 50 percent of people say they lack confidence,” LinkedIn says.

To order to assist candidates in answering questions confidently, the instant feedback tools listens to peoples’ responses and analyze the speech content.

Practice answers can be recorded and submitted to the AI feedback tool in order to get an assessment on their answer delivery.

The tool’s feedback is aimed at helping people refine their interview and speaking skills.

Advice can include pacing, how many times they use filler words, as well as sensitive phrases best avoided.

Users can even send recorded responses to their LinkedIn connections so that they can get more personal feedback in return.

This feature is rolling out globally and can be accessed immediately after applying for jobs through LinkedIn.

SourceMatt Southern