LinkedIn Shares Insights into the Importance of Employer Branding (Infographic)

Because of the pandemic, things really did seem to go crazy since it first began, and after over a year of dealing with that craziness, it seems that things are returning to normal. Or at least, you new sense of normality to say the least.

With this new sense of normality, there has been a reassessment of priorities, not just with people on an individual level, but on a business level as well. People in mass decided to quit their jobs back in April, while businesses took a long look at their incentive structures to get more people to re-apply for work

One of the key elements is employer branding, which is a big deal when it comes to staff retention.

This is the main focus of the following LinkedIn Infographic, which takes a look at staffing shifts, and how brands can better their positioning to connect with the people that work for them.

Take a look at LinkedIn’s full report here.

LinkedIn staffing shift infographic

Source – Social Media Today

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