A new features has been spotted on LinkedIn, which allows users to easily add a poll to any poll.

Jan Manchun Wong discovered this feature, who is an expert on finding unreleased features by reverse engineering apps.

Based on the image shared by Wong, LinkedIn polls are going to function similarly to how Twitter polls do.

A simple poll can be created with a single question with up to four responses. LinkedIn polls can last up to two weeks, where as Twitter polls only last a week.

Other social media platforms only allows the maximum length of time for polls to be created or shared in stories for 24 hours.

LinkedIn polls hasn’t been announced officially, so we don’t know much about this feature or when it’ll be released.

The company did, however, publish several help documents about how to use polls when the feature is eventually launched. They serve as an official acknowledgement that this feature exists and will roll out to users.

SourceMatt Southern