If you follow anything space-related at all, you’ll be familiar with NASA’s Voyager.  Voyager was a spacecraft that was designed to travel farther into space than any other effort before it, and became the first craft to enter interstellar space.

LinkedIn has a new app that they calling “Voyager,” which might tell you something about the company’s goals with the new technology.

When you use the app, you’ll see six navigation tabs that line the top of the screen (for the Android app) or at the bottom (for the iOS app).  There is also a pull-out list of other LinkedIn apps that you can get access to as well.



The navigation list that shows the apps displays what you have installed and can transfer you directly in a smooth and seamless format.

A big upgrade to the app is the messaging tab that shows conversation in a more casual looking private message way, instead of a more traditional email feel.


The overall experience of the new app seems to have been much more streamlined, and is now sleeker as well.  The Feed on the home screen takes up a lot of space, which helps put a premium on vivid visuals.I you check out the “Me” tab, you’ll find that this is a location where users can work on their own professional brand.  The search feature of the app has been sped up.  In fact, according to LinkedIn, it’s now 300 times faster.

The new app is now live in both the App Store and on Google Play.

Check out the official LinkedIn blog post for more information on the app.

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