Using an example by , we will pretend that you are a Honda auto dealer in Boston, and your aim is to target some of your previous and current customers with a new sale of Honda CRVs.  Of course, one way you could do it is using Google AdWords, since you’re able to show an ad for your sale.  Not only that, you can show the results for searches like “Honda CRV” or “new car sales,” for people in New England.

With Google Customer Match, you’ll be able to target both previous and current customers, assuming that you have their Gmail addresses and they’re also logged into that Gmail at the time of the search.  It’s possible that Google can even sometimes match the customer to a Gmail address if you enter another email address for that customer.

Unfortunately, for the advertiser, customers aren’t always going to be giving up their email address, due to the fact they don’t want to be getting spam.  Either that, the email provided by the customer ends up being an email address Google isn’t able to handle.  In the end, the only part of the Honda dealer’s customer relationship management (CRM) data can be utilized fo AdWords targeting via search.

This is a use case for LiveRamp’s people-based search targeting for its IdentityLink, which was announced this week.  The targeting, as of the launch, is designed specifically for the search engine giant, Google

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