How Local Businesses Can Overcome Obstacles To Mobile Conversion

Mobile conversion We’ve already covered over many blog posts on this site alone, as well as read many other reports and blogs that state that when it comes to search, research, and purchasing, more and more people are going mobile.  In a study done by Google/Nielsen entitled, “Mobile Path To Purchase” consumers are using their mobile devices to research local products and services when they are ready to make a purchase.

But, despite the urgency to make a purchase, it was found that when it came to the actual purchase, the consumer chose another method of of completing the transaction, rather than finishing up on their mobile device.  Why are consumers doing this?  Why go half way with mobile, just to finish the purchase in another way?  According to an article written by , it seems that many local businesses aren’t providing consumers with the environments and tools needed to move forwards with a mobile purchase.

Neg has written a piece on Search Engine Land that provides you with four key steps that local businesses can take to help boost up the mobile transaction rate: