Local Businesses Squeezed Out Of Organic Search By Larger Websites

Local businesses In early July, a search engine study had been completed by BrightLocal, and found that local businesses have been, and are being, squeezed out of organic results for high volume “head” terms.  But on the plus side, these local businesses are getting a greater share of voice for both long-tail and geo-modified terms.

So which of the three main search engines are most generous to local businesses, allowing them to the greatest amount of page one “real estate?”  This was part of the research done by BrightLocal, and the objective was to give us a clear picture of whether or not it’s local pack results or organic results that give the best opportunity for local businesses to get visibility.

In a post written by , he shares the results of the BrightLight study that measures exactly how much real estate that the three major search engines are giving to local businesses based on various types of search queries.  The study is a follow-up piece to their 2014 study.  If you’re interested in the full results are featured here on the BrightLocal blog.

You can find Myles’ post on Search Engine Land, or you can follow the link below to go directly to the article.

Search Engine Land: Local Businesses Squeezed Out Of Organic Search By Larger Websites