surveyIn February and March, BrightLocal conducted its 2015 Expert Citation Survey.  25 knowledgeable and experienced local search marketers were asked to participate, and 22 of them did the survey.

The questions asked of these local search marketers where as follows:

  1. Are citations more or less important now than 12 months ago?
  2. What is more important, quantity or quality of citations?
  3. Which factors are most important when selecting which citation sites to use?
  4. Which type of sites offer the greatest authority for structured citations?
  5. Which of the main U.S. data aggregators do you think offers the best value and distribution?

At the end of the survey, the findings and insights from the survey was shared by , and it seems that the consensus of the survey is that relevance of citations has a higher importance over authority.

You can check out Myles’ post on Search Engine Land here.

The full findings can be viewed online on BrightLocal.