How-to-Create-a-Local-PPC-Campaign-with-Google-AdWords-300x167When a business tries getting into the realm of SEO, naturally, things can be a little overwhelming for them.  Sometimes it’s just too much, sometimes it’s just too confusing to utilize it correctly.  Many people will attempt setting up advertising campaigns, it seems that quite a few people don’t really understand local paid search advertising.

According to Carrie Hill, this is certainly the case.  It’s pretty easy to make mistakes, and you won’t even realize you’ve done anything wrong.  In her article, Are Your Local PPC Ads Really “Local”?, Carrie wants to help you correctly set up your local advertising campaign by giving you tips on how to make sure that your advertising is actually local.  Her goal is to help you get simple campaigns set up that will target your specific service area.  She shows people how to monitor your campaign by using dashboards and reports in Google Analytics.

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