Local SEO for Dentists


Establishing yourself in a new area can take time and effort, especially since you have to compete with established groups. At Thrive, we understand that optimizing your website, content, and more can help you increase customer acquisition and success.

We do this with a little thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO’s Importance to Dentists

Dentist SEO marketing helps dentists stand out against their colleagues. Local SEO for dentists helps acquire local clients with specific keywords that target analytical data to ensure that when clients type in “dentists near me,” they will find your particular dental office.

How Does SEO Help Dentists?

Local SEO for dentists helps new or recently moved dentists find local clients faster than traditional marketing through insurance or other mediums. Most clients need to call a dental office to see if they will accept their insurance. However, after a bit of research, the analytics of their keywords will point them to a dentist’s office that best fits their needs.

It is one of the biggest reasons local SEO for dentists is essential: it helps ensure every typed keyword results in the search engine creating a link to your content. It can help funnel and attract clients to your location rather than somewhere else by having your website and content appear higher on the search results.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization uses analytical data to calculate the percentage of words used to find a specific product or service. These words are called “keywords,” and through the power of analytical data, you can optimize your website, documentation, and other online platforms to ensure they appear higher on the search results.

What this accomplishes is high client acquisition through search engine exposure. More people will see your content compared to the competition, making it more likely that consumers will click on your links and content rather than someone else’s.

Why You Need SEO

It has been proven that clients rarely look past the first link page whenever they search for something. Local SEO for dentists helps ensure that a dentist’s office appears on that first page by implementing unique keywords, website optimization, and time.

For example, you recently moved into a suburb that initially did not have a dental office, with the nearest dental office being a thirty-minute drive away. Although you are closer to your intended client base, your practice will not appear on a search engine, making consumers almost oblivious to your existence as the search engine will take them to that long-standing dental office.

An SEO company for dentists can help optimize your practice homepage so that clients see it on the first page of a search engine, making them more likely to click on your content and learn about your services.

Your Partner in Optimization

At Thrive, we provide local SEO for dentists and more. With years of experience finding, cataloging, and executing search engine optimization across multiple platforms, we can help you reach your clients by ensuring that your content is the first thing they see.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and optimize yourself for success.