seoscamsScams are always going to be around as long as there are people gullible enough to be taken by a con artist.  There will always be scams in every aspect of business, and SEO is no exception.  Caution must always be taken when you are trying to hire anybody to work for you.  You’d hate to give up a good chunk of valuable assets to a person, just to realize he took you for a ride.

Plus, he didn’t even give you dinner first.

In a column written by , we will read about a Local SEO scammer who did his thing through Craigslist.  This is a story where mistakes were made, and things had been learned.  Should you ever meet a “local SEO expert” on Craigslist?  Probably unless you want to take that risk.

Read up on Andrew’s story and column by following the link below:

Local SEO Scam of the Month: Craigslist SEO