What Are Local SEOs Thinking About The Google+ Local Hijacking?

Google plus local In a report earlier this week, it was reported that thousands of local hotel listings within Google+ Local were hijacked.  In the place of the original hotel listings were third party hotel booking services. and it is believed that it they have been up for at least a month or longer.

Since the problem first sprouted it’s ugly head, Google has cleaned up most, if not all, of the hijacked links and now all of the original hotels are back in their place.  Even though Google has come outright and acknowledged the incident, they haven’t commented on how such a hijacking took place.

In a column on Search Engine Land,  asked several local SEOs, as well as others familiar with the workings of Google+ Local and related products, about  how they think this may have happened.  Greg also asked if these SEOs had any suggestions about how to guard against hijacking like this in the future.

To read up on what the local SEOs thought, you can check out Greg’s post on Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Post: Local SEOs Sound off On Google Local Hijacking