The Local Solution To (not provided)

Not provided image Because of  Google’s switchover from http to https has taken place, there has been a rapid increase of (not provided) traffic coming to everybody’s analytics packages.  The bad part is that since we are getting more (not provided) data, we are losing out on valuable information.  This can really drive a stake through the heart of our SEO, since it can cause problems when we have to report back to clients, and we don’t have the sort of data we need to share with them.

With local search and small businesses, rankings are a high priority with clients.  Next to that, ROI would come in second.  Sure, there is a good number of resources you can find out there to help cope with (not provided), but many of use haven’t seen a unique data set that is available to local businesses: the keyword data in Google Places/Plus Local.

By using this source of information, you can help drive strategy for a campaign, as well as use it for reporting back to clients and stakeholders.  And that could be a load of their mind as well as yours.

 has written a column on Moz that discusses this solution for (not provided).  He feels that there is a lot of valuable information in Google Places Insights that is ready to be put to good use.

To read Dan’s full work, you can follow the link below to check it out:
The Local Solution To (Not Provided)