Localytics Boosts Mobile App Analytics With Twitter Partnership

Twitter logo It was announced on July 23 that Localytics, the Boston-based mobile analytics and engagement firm, that they joined Twitter’s Official Partner Program.  Now that Localytics is now apart of the program, they will be able to offer customers a more complete look at how ads are preforming on the social communications network.

The firm’s software is targeted at major B2C brands, which includes ESPN, Fox, and the New York Tines.  The software is used as a marketing an analytics tool in over 37,000 apps on more than 2.7 billion devices.  Localytics says it’s the first “app lifecycle engagement platform” in the Twitter program, that enables it to offer deeper data about what marketing messages trigger conversion events.


So what could these events be?  They can be downloads of apps or other activities, like return visits or in-app purchases.  Since Localytics data shows that a quarter of all users abandon apps after a single visit, the importance of targeting the right people (the ones who are more likely to stay around for more than a single use or visit) is crucial.  Brian Suthoff, Localytics chief strategy officer said that Localytics will be able to better tie the information to Twitter and compare it with results from other advertising networks, such as Facebook, Google, Millennial Media, Inmobi and Tapjoy.

“The net result is helping the app owner understand the return on the advertising spend,” Suthoff said, “the long-term or lifetime value that they have generated resulting from campaigns that they’ve run with ad partners like Twitter.”

Localytics will be able to feed app engagement information to Twitter that will allow Twitter to focus on those who will have a higher chance of making a purchase, registering for something, or reading more articles.  Suthoff said, “It helps the process become far more optimized and make the ad spend that much more efficient.”

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