Location Targeting Available In Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping campaigns Google’s machine learning-driven campaigns for product ads. These campaigns automatically optimize ad delivery across Google’s properties. Since this is a newer campaign type, there are settings and reporting limitations that keep a number of advertisers on the sidelines. Advertisers weren’t able to control location targeting until just recently.

Previously, Smart Shopping campaigns targeted all countries and territories, but now, if you go to the Settings tab within a Smart Shopping campaign, you can choose the option to narrow that targeting, including the ability to set radius targeting from the Advanced search link.

You can exclude specific locations as well.

Location targeting options now available in Smart Shopping campaigns.

From the Locations section, click on the Geographic Report tab. You’ll drill down from there into Smart Shopping campaign performance by the locations that triggered your ads. Reporting starts at the country level, just like with regular Shopping and Search campaigns. You can click on a country in order to get more granular regional performance reporting.

The user location and per store reports are also available

You still won’t find any keyword or audience reporting in Smart Shopping campaigns, and aren’t likely to any time soon.

SourceGinny Marvin

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