Search-Engine-Query-MonitoringA common question that is asked by e-commerce clients is how can one garner additional, profitable traffic.  It usually doesn’t matter when this is asked, but in this case, this is during the time after you’re already several months into client and campaign management.  In other words, even though the client has already garnered a decent to good consumer following, they want to know how to further grow it.

 has written a post that examines an integral part of campaign expansion within AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, the Search Query Report (SQR).    Sure, a lot of people use these aspects of advertising, but some don’t know the true potential it has for account growth.

So what do most people use SQRs for?  For the most part, it’s generally used to find negative keywords.    Sure, finding keywords that performs poorly are a great thing to look for when looking for keywords to include in exclusion.  When you look at dynamic, Shopping, and top-of-funnel campaigns, SQRs are a wondrous place for new keywords.

In Matt’s post, he is going to focus on each campaign type and the specific parameters for expansion.  Check it out on Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Need To Grow Your PPC Account? Look To The Search Queries