site redesignRedesigning a website is never exactly an easy task.  The amount of time, effort and resources it takes to do a total redesign can be consuming.  But what happens when you do a site redesign and you find that you’ve actually lost organic traffic?  That can certainly be frustrating, to say the least.

The issue may very well steam from the idea that web designers and developers, while being able to make great redesigns, aren’t very adapt at handling SEO issues, thus making the traffic coming to the new site worse than it was before the relaunch.

 knows all about this, as she’s worked with three different web design firms who had this exact problem, where each firm relaunched their site, and ended up with quite a loss of organic traffic to their site.

If this is happening to you, where do you even begin to try correcting the problem?  Janet has created a simple list of some of the most common issue that she has seen overlooked when relaunching a site.  Even though this isn’t an extensive list, Janet includes four things to check out first.

What are they?  check out the link below to find out!

Search Engine Land: Losing Organic Traffic After A Redesign? Four Things to Check