lunar-new-year-2016Today, Google is celebrating the first day of the Lunar New Year by giving us a doodle that rings in the year of the Fire Monkey.

The logo, which was drawn by Alyssa Winans, was drawn using the same fiery red color as the traditional red envelopes that is usually exchanged during Asian holiday.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated primarily in China and various Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Korea and Mongolia.  Because of this, the doodle has a limited reach, as it’s only being shown on a handful of home pages.  The Vietnam Google home page has been given its very own Lunar New Year Doodle.

So, if the Lunar New Year is mainly an Asian holiday, why are we seeing this Doodle in the US?  According to Google, it plays a role in global timekeeping, so why not include the Doodle there as well?



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