machine learningSomething that has been talked about more and more since the release of the Panda and Penguin updates is a thing called machine learning, but not everybody really gets it.  What is machine learning anyway?  Some people may be just a little fuzzy about what this term really means.

According to the Web definition on Google, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that concerns the construction and study of systems that is able to learn from data it is given.  The example that the Google web definition gave, an example would be the ability to know the difference between spam and non-spam email messages.

Some questions have been asked concerning machine learning and SEO.  How does it work?  Why hasn’t it been used earlier?  What’s the connection to the periodic “data refreshes” we see for both Panda and Penguin?

 believes that machine learning is going to have a larger presence in SEO in the future.  By having a better basic understanding of how it works, Tom feels this could help all of us in the field of SEO.

In Tom’s newest post, he will be discussing the idea of getting to have a general understanding of machine learning.  Tom’s goal is to give us enough of an understanding that gives us the ability to answer the questions asked above.  Knowing more about what machine learning and how it works can really help you understand Google a little bit more, as well as be able to answer the above questions, in case you’re asked them by a client someday.

Never hurts to be prepared, right?

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