The first annual report has been released by Mailchimp since 2016, and it highlights a number of key milestones for the email platform turned all-in-one marketing platform. According to the company, it is claiming a 60.51% share of the email industry, supporting over 12 million customers. Mailchimp’s closest competitor controls just 9.52%.

Mailchimp, along other email providers built to serve small businesses, added more marketing features to its platform last year. But the company’s report indicate that email is still the platform’s strongest feature. Email isn’t dead, it’s simply changing.

With over 340 billion emails sent from Mailchimp in 2019, it just shows the strength of the channel and the email market as a whole. During the Thanksgiving weekend, almost 9 million emails were sent from the platform, which generated $4.5 billion in orders.

Mailchimp customers generated more than $321,538,039 in revenue using Mailchimp product recommendations.

The company has also launched its own content channel called Mailchimp Presents which generated over 1.5 million views and downloads.

SourceJennifer Cannon