bing_ads_logoIt seems that with any product and service, regardless of how good it is or how productive you can be with it, there are always  something about it that somebody can complain about.  Bing Ads is certainly not exempt from this situation.  One of the biggest problems that most advertisers have had with Bing Ads has been billing.  But after August 12, things should change for the better.  A major change has bee announced by Bing Ads that changes how billing and accounts works on Bing Ads.

Here are the new features that you’ll find in Bing Ads:

  • Consistent Account Navigation
    • One of the basic complaints about Bing Ads that many have had issues with is the confusing navigation.  Trying to do simple things could be pretty challenging.    With this new format, you’ll see a consistent navigation on every Accounts & Billing tab, and now, you’ll be able to toggle between specific accounts and the corresponding full campaigns.


  • Toggleable Prepay and Postpay Options
    • Not only will Bing offer payment options like prepay and postpay, but it just got better as you won’t be stuck making a choice that you or your client with have to live with for the life of the campaign.


  • Bulk IOs
    • Launched last summer, the creation and management of bulk insertions orders across all accounts allows for the creation of an insertion order with the capabilities editing of existing IOs and an IO change history was improved upon by being able to be completed in bulk across all accounts.
  • Consolidating Billing
    • Now, agencies will be given the option how often they want to see things like invoices, but still want all the campaign data broken down for them.


Also, they’ll be able to get a full summary by account and campaign level charges directly on the invoice.


This is all of the new features that you’ll see under Bing Ads, and if you’re curious for more information and the official release, you could always check out the Bing Ads blog.

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