52c4bea1af3569.23276580When writing a blog post, you always hope that it will become a hit so more and more people will come and visit your blog and ultimately, your website.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could write a great post and have it go viral almost immediately?   Unfortunately, that’s not always going to happen.

So here’s the one million dollar question.

How do you create an all wonderful blog post that has the potential to go vial within minutes, if not hours?  See, it isn’t how great you write, although great writing skills are certainly a plus.  It’s about writing the right post for the right audience, as well as getting the support of an influencer, to get your post to go viral.  So as an example, if you write a post (the influence) that makes Rand (the influencer) want to share it, you’ve written the write kind of post.

 wrote an interesting column on Moz today on the YouMoz channel that I’d like to share with you all, and it’s about how to influence the influencer.  In other words, Sharjeel has written a piece on how to create a post that the influencer wants to share.

To find out how to create the write sort of content that influencers want to share, then follow the link below:

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