google-thumbIf you are familiar with Google, you’ll undoubtedly come across a little thing called Answers Boxes.  These Answer Boxes will appear when you type in certain kinds of questions or queries that can be answered quickly and effectually.  These will allow you to get the answers you seek without having to click through to a website.  For searchers, these Answer Boxes are a gift since it gives them immediate answers to their questions.

But on the other hand, it can be a curse to website owners.  If it’s your site that provides the same answer as the Answer Box, or if your website is too far down the page, so that searchers have to get the answer from the Box, or the next relevant search result instead.

In a post written by Aleh Barysevich, some popular Google Answer Box search results will be dissected to help you learn how to optimize your site.  Hopefully, it’ll help you get some more clicks as well!

Check out Aleh’s post below for the full post!

Search Engine Journal: Make Your Site Google Answer Box-Friendly