What Makes A Meaningful Community?

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CommunityIn online marketing, there are always going to be two sides to everything, and this includes social media.  On one hand, you’re going to have those who have accepted, use, and see the value in social media.  On the other side, you’ve got those who haven’t accepted the idea of social media and say that it never yields any positive ROI.

These particular naysayers believe that you need to build a community to help build your brand.  But how much more difficult is it do to that when you aren’t utilizing social media?  Well, it can be quite a bit more difficult.  At this point, there’s more to building a community than just increasing the number of people who follow your brand.

You need to build a community that actually cares about your brand.  When sharing content and building a community, you have to find a way to create a meaningful conversation with other people.

This is the point of a post found on Moz.com, which was written by Logan Lenz,  Logan’s Moz Blog post revolves around the idea of a meaningful community, and the anatomy behind it.  What do you need to be able to connect with others across social media and make turn those people into a loyal community?

Find out by checking out the link below, which takes you directly to Moz.com, and Logan’s post.

Moz Blog: The Anatomy Of a Meaningful Community

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