spotllightWouldn’t it be awesome to know that you get fifteen minutes of free air time on a national television show to talk about your company?  Heck ya it would.  But not everybody will be able to get on television to boost the views to your company.  But, there will usually always be some great opportunities that can come along that, if it does, you need to take advantage of it.

Any events that come your way (aka opportunities), you need make sure that when you’re seen, you’re remembered.   used his experience and online marketing skills when he was on television to make sure his 15 minutes lasted well past his appearance on the screen.

Stephan has written an article for Moz called, How To Make The Most Of Your 15 Minutes Of Fame.  In his written work, Stephan has learned a few things from his experiences, and has shared them with us.  He knows how to take advantage of the situations that are given to us and how to really make you shine.

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