Making Customer Support Part Of Your SEO Program

Customer service When your business has a great SEO program, that’s great news, as you know you’ll be able to have a great online presence that only they can provide.  If your business is providing wonderful customer support, that’s even better.  You can provide a great experience from the online marketing side of the business, as well as support for those who are asking for it during and after the customer is placed through the sales funnel.

But what if you can integrate your customer support into your SEO program?  Wouldn’t that create something even more awesome then either of those two entities separately?  If your SEO team and your customer support team could work together, that would make for a more powerful and potent force behind your business.

If these two teams can come together and discuss what is going on between them, it can make everything run much more smoothly.  As an example, if the marketing team were trying some new marketing initiatives that they were launching, or doing some testing, the customer support team would be in the know, so that they could communicate what was going on with the customers much more effectively if there was a problem.

On the flip side, the customer support team could give the marketing team insights, questions and issues that only the customers themselves could give, and that in turn could give the SEO side a one up and eventually provide a better experience to the customer.

So here’s the issue that we’ve been leading up to.  When it comes to integrating customer support and marketing, it’s not really something that’s done very often.  It’s really not a very common practice to see these two parts of business come together in any way shape and form.  This could cause a problem for a number of businesses.

If you want to keep an open line of communication between the two departments, you’ll find that you’re ultimately create better content, links, and more customers.  But how do you do that?   has written up an piece on the benefits of keeping this line of communication open between the two teams.  To check out her post, you can visit Search Engine Land and check it out there, or simply check out the link to go right to it.

Search Engine Land: Making Customer Support Part Of Your SEO Program