In less than ten years, we’ve seen the martech space explode in size.  It went from just 150 solutions in 2011, to over 6,800 as of this year.  In the next step of martech evolution, we are going to see a much needed consolidation.

Not only is this happening through the likes of mergers and acquisitions, but also as brands start realizing the massive value of martech-powered strategic partnerships and integrations.

Even with the excitement that stems from the tech side of martech, the human side of it is the source of both the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities.  It doesn’t matter how great AI and technology becomes, people are still inherently the glue in successful partnerships and integrations.

In the linked post found below, we’ll continue exploring the “Agile Marketer,” as coined by , and who that is, what skills and tools they need to succeed, and how you can become one.

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